How to Buy RAIN

1. Polygon Network and MATIC

The RAIN token operates on Polygon network which uses MATIC as its gas token. This means you will need some MATIC in order to swap for RAIN. You'll also want to keep enough MATIC in your wallet to pay gas for future swaps and transfers.

You can purchase MATIC below from Flooz or from an exchange like MEXC, ChangeNow or cross-chain swaps on SushiSwap. You can also buy MATIC with a debit card via Metamask's Buy/Sell feature in the interface.

2. Import RAIN to Your Wallet

Metamask wallet is very easy to use and set up as a browser extension. After Metamask is installed, you can click "Add RAIN to Metamask" at the bottom of this page to switch to Polygon and add RAIN automatically. Alternatively, you can import RAIN manually using the contract address and Import Token feature. 0x8E677CA17065eD74675BC27bCaBadB7Eef10A292

3. Swap MATIC for RAIN

Currently, RAIN is only available on a decentralized exchange as a RAIN/MATIC trading pair. This means you need to swap MATIC for the amount of RAIN you want. The easiest method is to use Flooz below or Metamask's built in swap feature, right in the interface. When using Metamask Swaps, click MATIC in your token list, then select RAIN as the token you wish to receive. An alternate option is to visit SushiSwap. SushiSwap requires an approval to spend your tokens. The approval takes some MATIC gas, after which you can swap into RAIN.