RAIN COIN Technical Whitepaper


This document provides a technical overview of RAIN COIN (RAIN), focusing on key technical details and facts. RAIN COIN is an automated cryptocurrency with a unique reward mechanism and decentralized features.

Token Contract

RAIN COIN's token contract address is as follows: - Contract Address: 0x8E677CA17065eD74675BC27bCaBadB7Eef10A292

Decentralized Operations

RAIN COIN operates without a dedicated team overseeing its functions. All coin operations are automated. The core feature, known as the "Daily Thunderstorm," is executed daily at midnight GMT, with no human intervention. The token's core functionalities are entirely embedded in the token contract.

Transparent Supply

The launch of RAIN COIN distinguishes itself from other cryptocurrencies by providing transparency in its token supply of 1M total tokens. The total supply was placed in the liquidity pool and locked at inception. The "Thunder Storm" supply was created by acquiring 50% of the tokens from the public DeFi pool. This approach ensures that all coins are publicly accessible and in circulation, contributing to a transparent ecosystem.

Reward Mechanism

Holders of RAIN COIN are rewarded through a mechanism known as the "Reflection Tax," which is programmed into the smart contract. Whenever coins are moved, whether through buying, selling, or transferring, a 1% Reflection Tax is automatically applied. This tax is then distributed to all RAIN COIN holders, weighted by their wallet balances. In other words, the more RAIN COINs an individual holds, the greater the amount they receive from this Reflection Tax every time transactions occur on the network. Additionally, the "Daily Thunderstorm" event at midnight further contributes to the distribution, increasing the number of RAIN COINs received by all holders on a daily basis.

Choice of Polygon (MATIC) Network

RAIN COIN is deployed on the Polygon (MATIC) network instead of the Ethereum (ETH) network. This decision was made to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the distribution mechanism. The process of distributing RAIN COINs to all wallets involves significant blockchain activity. The Polygon network was chosen due to its popularity and lower transaction fees, which ensures that the distribution benefits the RAIN COIN network while minimizing overhead costs.

Acquisition of RAIN COIN

To purchase Rain Coin, users can use any Polygon (MATIC) network wallet. An example provided is Metamask, which allows users to switch to the Polygon network and then buy RAIN COIN on SushiSwap. Simply send MATIC to the designated Polygon network address in your wallet and initiate the purchase on SushiSwap.

In summary, RAIN COIN is a decentralized cryptocurrency with a transparent supply, automated operations, and a unique reward mechanism that benefits all holders based on their wallet balance and network activity. Its choice of the Polygon network enhances efficiency and reduces costs. Users can acquire RAIN COIN on SushiSwap using a Polygon network wallet, such as Metamask.