Frequently Asked Questions

Where's the token contract for RAIN?


Wait, How does this coin exist without a team?

All coin operations are automated. The Daily Thunderstorm is coded and happens at midnight GMT every day. Everything else is already baked into the token contract.

How is the launch of RAIN better than other coins?

The whole supply started on liquidity pools. 50% was bought from the public DeFi pool to fund the Daily Thunderstorm so all coins are transparent and in play.

How does holding RAIN reward you?

Every time coins move - buying, selling, or transferring, 1% of the amount of coins moved are given to all holders weighted by wallet balance. The more coins you hold the more RAIN you get every time something happens on the network. Now add the daily movement of the Thunderstorm coins at midnight - everyone gets more RAIN every single day.

Why is RAIN on Polygon (MATIC) network and not ETH?

The distribution to all wallets is very blockchain intensive so the most popular, yet inexpensive chain was chosen to give the most benefit to the RAIN network rather than getting swallowed up in fees.

So, no insiders, no team, fair launch, pure decentralization… How do I Buy RAIN?

Any Polygon (MATIC) network wallet can buy on SushiSwap. For example, Metamask has a dropdown to choose polygon network, just send MATIC there and buy on Sushiswap! Welcome to the fun!